We carefully structured our program to be a highly-effective learning journey. Read about our content below. 


 Module 1 - THE BASICS

In the first module, you will come to better understand and appreciate both YOUR journey and the impact that a lack of civility has on both personal and professional relationships. You’ll develop a better understanding about the noble purpose of Walk The Ridge. 


  • The 3 pillars that lend support to the practice of Walking the Ridge.
  • Gaining perspective on civility through eye-opening stats and common misunderstandings.
  • Bringing MLK's vision (content of character) into today's common challenge
  • The power of our inside-up and bottom-up strategy to catalyzing culture
  • 'Banding together' for growth support and genuine accountability

 Module 2 - ALL ABOUT YOU

This module begins with a focus on YOU. Because individuals that genuinely improve their behaviors, actions, and habits serve as an excellent catalyst for positively impacting others. Plus, you will reduce stress and increase confidence in how you interact with others.


  • The key differences between outcomes, processes, and identity
  • The key signs that we need to improve our self-awareness
  • The power of the ABC model and acceptance
  • Building emotional literacy to help both ourselves and others
  • Understanding and refining our personal core values



This module helps to form a vital portion of your Walking the Ridge practice. These vital skills are used when interacting with others, and also in the communication we have within ourselves. 


  • A deep dive into empathy - including time-tested tips for its improvement
  • A strong story outlining the power of better listening. Key tips for improvement included. 
  • Recognizing gestures, body language, facial expression, and many other important non-verbal communication cues
  • Understanding mindfulness - including the executive and emotional brain, as well as essential tips you can use every day



In this module, you’ll learn truly amazing and highly-effective techniques of dialogue that you can put to use with the skills and self-awareness components already covered.


  • The IMAGO dialogue. This is a dynamic tool developed by experts and best-selling authors who’ve been on Oprah 17 times!  
  • A powerful framework for communication called Conversational Intelligence.
  • The power of asking questions  
  • The Principle of Charity...and no, it’s not what you think it is.
  • Healthier digital communication - such as emails, texts, phone calls, and chats 


Module 5 - TIME TO WALK

This is the module where we bring it all together: purpose, self, skills, and techniques. We unveil our unique and easy-to-remember system that you'll grow from and incrementally improve through over time and engagements.


  • The facets and meaning behind the trusted acronym you'll put to use
  • Examples of application within common challenges and scenarios
  • Final thoughts and takeaways. A terrific lesson to pull in all you've learned and to gain broader perspective.
  • Completion of course triggers off a 60-day period of support to ensure your success in your first steps of, and engagement in this practice.

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