We carefully structured our program to be a highly-effective learning journey. Read about our content below. 

Student Course Content:

 Module 1 - THE BASICS


In the first module, you will come to better understand and appreciate both YOUR journey and the impact that a lack of civility has on both personal and professional relationships. You’ll develop a better understanding about the accountable and benefit-rich practice of 'Walking The Ridge'. 


  • Understanding the purpose and intent of the 'Walking the Ridge' practice.
  • The 3 pillars that lend support to employing and strengthening results.
  • Bringing MLK's vision (content of character) into today's common challenge
  • The power of our inside-up and bottom-up strategy to catalyzing culture

 Module 2 - ALL ABOUT YOU


This module begins with a focus on YOU. Because individuals that genuinely improve their behaviors, actions, and habits serve as an excellent catalyst for positively impacting others. Plus, you will reduce stress and increase confidence in how you interact with others.


  • Understanding our internal preferences and what they mean
  • The key signs that we need to improve our self-awareness
  • Understanding and refining our personal core values
  • Key reference sheets that help you gain valuable insight - from yourself and others



This module helps to form a vital portion of your Walking the Ridge practice. An interpersonal and intrapersonal skill which are used when interacting with others, and also in the communication we have within ourselves. 


  • A strong story outlining the power of better listening. Key tips for improvement included. 
  • Understanding and improving mindfulness
  • The Emotional vs. Executive brain function
  • Recognizing and managing 'Amygdala Hijack'




In this module, you’ll learn truly amazing and highly-effective techniques of dialogue that you can put to use with the skills and self-awareness components already covered.


  • Recognizing the vital importance of 'preparing the ground'
  • The IMAGO dialogue. This is a dynamic tool developed by experts and best-selling authors who’ve been on Oprah 17 times!  
  • The power of asking open-ended questions  
  • Healthier digital communication - such as emails, texts, phone calls, and chats 





He is where we wrap up everything you've learned and frame greater perspective on how you will practice and improve.

It is also a key time to share your very strong views and opinions through our post-program survey. Please note that all of your answers WILL NOT be attached to any identifying information.

Upon survey completion, you will be credited with program completion and receive a certificate. You will also be starting YOUR WALK and healthier practice - for your benefit and that with others.



The process is fast, easy, and gives you time to review and get all of your questions answered. THIS remote learning program provides many benefits for students and learning institutions.


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