A conversation on crisis and challenges.

Enjoy this cutting-edge interview between host Dr. Steve Ambrose and Dr. Vivian Lee.  Dr. Lee is the author of the acclaimed book THE LONG FIX, and the head of health platforms at Verily, an Alphabet company.

Watch in full below or in question-by-question segments.


Dr. Ambrose is a 25-year veteran serving healthcare and consumer industries. He currently consults and is reviewing options for his next FT role. [ more... ]

He has also developed a revolutionary online solution that scales the growth of civil discourse and healthier employee relations in organizations from 100 to 100,000.

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QUESTION 1 - [ 4:31 ]

Dr. Lee, tell us a bit about Verily, and the focus areas of the company.


QUESTION 2 - [ 4:40 ]

Past health system leaders don't often call for a massive restructuring of the very system they led success within. What brought you to this point and writing your book THE LONG FIX?


QUESTION 3 - [ 9:02 ]

What are your thoughts, not just on price transparency, but perhaps the future impact of free market and competitive consumer forces on healthcare pricing over the long term?


QUESTION 4 - [ 6:02 ]

With medical debt and mass healthcare unaffordability rising, and meeting up against a system needing to show consistent quarterly profits, do you see a viable solution?


QUESTION 5 - [ 9:12 ]

In the great need to cut healthcare costs, do you see A.I. as replacing human jobs? In terms of citizen need for affordability, should it?


QUESTION 6 - [ 8:18 ]

In the spirit of moonshots, I have advocated for the use of low-cost, proactive MRI scans for early detection and better management of osteoarthritis (OA).

Being a radiologist AND a former health system president, what are your thoughts?


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