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OK, here's five to start...but there are certainly more. These happen at an individual and/or organizational level:

1. Improvement in the quality of everyday conversations and engagements. This happens face-to-face, over phone calls, and through emails & texts.

2. To more effectively work through differences of views with others. A genuine ability to reduce stress and increase respect for others and their views. 

3. Improved trust and belonging within employee & personal relationships.

4. Growth of an individual's specific intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as strategic dialogue techniques.

5. Improving results and accountability in a greater listening to, learning from, and respect show for others.

6. Using this healthier practice of engagement both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the office. This is important, as toxic behavior and stress are often transferred from one place to the other.

7. Improved organizational culture through genuine improvement in belonging, trust, and inclusion. This is a natural by-product of healthier conversations and digital engagements. 

8. The ability to give HR, D&I, and people leaders an up-to-date report on all employees registered for the course and their current progress. This comes as a simple spreadsheet.

So there's your 5 - oops! I mean your 8.

We're especially happy to clarify presumptions. Walking the Ridge:

1. Is NOT a leadership program. It's a course created and priced to give every single individual and employee the inspiration and tools to improve, helps others, and make a difference to work and societal culture.

Whether its a company of 20,000 people, a church of 500, or a family of 5. This course is meant to inspire and empower learners with tools to create healthier interactions - and allow more 'points of light' to catalyze healthier work and societal culture.

2. Is NOT a replacement for an entire culture program or learning platform. Actually, it was crafted specifically to blend into any current people or culture programs & strategy.  entire culture or learning software platform or program. 

3. Is NOT a state-mandated learning course. This course specifically triggers 'boots on the ground' improvement in the practice of tolerance and civility.

It's an easy-to-use system and practice that everyone can slowly drip into the way they communicate and digitally engage with others over time. 

Rather than HAVING to learn this...we see viewers WANTING to use our new techniques, tips, and strategies in their work and personal communications. 

It's super easy. Two options:

You choose a purchase option based on number of course seats desired.

OPTION 1:  Those who choose individual, are taken to the checkout and finalize purchase. An email is then sent with course login instructions.

OPTION 2: If you choose to purchase seats for multiple viewers (ex: employees, organization members, students, etc.) you are taken to a form.

You must complete it in full because upon submission, we tee up a purchase order, which is sent back out to you via email.*

You click the purchase button on the email, which takes you to our secure online cart.

Upon purchase, you are then granted access to a customized course with your organization's name.

This comes with a unique link, which you then share with all individuals in your organization.

* If you prefer to have your organization pay by means other than online card, we can do that. Please email us at:  [email protected]

Walking the Ridge is not only good for any size organization, but also any type. Because it is specific to improving human engagement and conversation.

For-profits, government, non-profits, sports teams, schools & universities, church memberships, etc.

The course contains 5 modules with a total of 23 lessons. There are short quizzes to test understanding after each module.

Total course time is around 2.5 hours.

The lessons are short and highly engaging. We recommend completing it over several days, per user preference.

This course can be accessed at any time through laptop, tablet, or mobile. Plus, our system allows users to pick up right where they left off in their prior session.

Course content can be seen by scrolling down past the FAQ section on the intro page you are currently on.

Our platform is built on a secure site. However, if enterprise organizations are strict on firewall and privacy issues, we have flexibility to work in migrating our content & course to their internal network and servers.

We strongly advise against this, specifically relating to the potential loss of honest and fully transparent employee feedback, as well as 3rd party validation of risk management.

Please keep in mind that the only information we collect is the employees' names and emails - with a strict non-sharing policy of any information or responses with other parties, other than the employer. 

Please reach out to [email protected] to get in touch with our team to discuss further.  

Whether purchasing as an individual or group, all course viewers will receive our unique reminder wristband. It is a necessary part for best results in the Walking the Ridge practice.

Your wristband(s) should arrive in 7-10 days from purchase. 

The bands come in 4 sizes (7.5, 8, 8.25, and 8.75 inches). Individuals should measure their wrist and add .5 inches for best sizing. Please let us know best size in your cart field. 

Those who purchase group seats can always email support ahead of time if they want a specific breakdown of sizes. Otherwise, we provide a mix and match assortment of sizes.

Additional bands, including company-branded partner bands can be ordered from THIS PAGE.

YES. For those organizations who are accessing the course content on our secure, remote platform, they can request a real-time status update.

We will send a snapshot spreadsheet report indicating: 

  • which employees/members have registered for the course
  • if they started the course
  • their current module/lesson location; and
  • if they completed the course.

Absolutely! Purchase takes about 2 minutes and checkout is right here on the site!

Though our purpose and vision is to see scaling up for 'the masses' to practice genuinely better tolerance and civility, we always welcome anyone to start and benefit from this learning.


Still "thinking about it”? below and enjoy a sample lesson.

AND...if you're interested in purchasing for your company, we'll give you FREE & FULL access to review the entire program with all lessons and support materials!


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