Terms of Guarantee

We stand behind the quality and content we deliver to you through the WALKING THE RIDGE online course.

This guarantee applies for individual purchasers who have taken and completed the full course, by going through all five modules of lessons and completing our 6th short module on feedback.

All purchasers have 90 days access to this online course. However, this money back guarantee is for 14-days, a term beginning immediately upon first login.

Your money returned will be for the full price you paid, minus any shipping & handling on the 'reminder wristband', which is typically around two dollars. 

You keep the band, along with any downloaded PDF support materials...there's yours to enjoy, though the images, text, or combined content may not be distributed, copied, or shared in any way under copyright law.

This guarantee is only for individual course purchasers and does not apply to multi-viewer or group-based purchasing. You may reach out to contact us for further questions by emailing [email protected]