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Walking The Ridge is a solution that promotes a learnable, scalable, and shareable practice of human betterment from and between firm employees.

This is not a learning course. It is also not a program meant only for leaders or managers. It is distributed equally across the company to all firm attorneys, paralegals, and staff for maximum benefit.

Users learn the key facets of the practice through the learning program portion, which is followed up with easy-to-use PDF support materials.

We also include and strongly suggest the use of our unique 'reminder' band for greater personal and shared accountability.

Interactions and communication are a major foundation in the practice of law, and in building employee and client relationships.

Optimizing the quality, tone, and outcomes of our interactions and conversations, especially during disagreements or stress, is a tremendous asset.

How a single attorney, paralegal, or any of the firm's employee  members engage with others clearly makes a tremendous difference.

Now take an improvement in just one individual and multiply it by 100, 1,000, or even 100,000 separate interactions over the course of just a year. Think about the cumulative differences.

Learn all about the benefits and features of Walking The Ridge HERE

OK, here's five to start...but there are certainly more. These happen at an individual and/or organizational level:

1. Improvement in the quality of everyday conversations and engagements. This happens face-to-face, over phone calls, and through emails & texts.

2. To more effectively work through differences of views with others. A genuine ability to reduce stress and increase respect for others and their views. 

3. Improved trust and belonging within employee & personal relationships.

4. Growth of an individual's specific intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as strategic dialogue techniques.

5. Improving results and accountability in a greater listening to, learning from, and respect show for others.

6. Using this healthier practice of engagement both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the office. This is important, as toxic behavior and stress are often transferred from one place to the other.

7. Improved organizational culture through genuine improvement in belonging, trust, and inclusion. This is a natural by-product of healthier conversations and digital engagements. 

8. The ability to give firm HR, D&I, and people leaders an up-to-date report on all employees registered for the course, their progress, plus hidden employee perceptions about firm leadership and experienced culture.  

There's your 5...err...your 8.

WALKING THE RIDGE starts with a highly engaging 3-hour program that includes 5 modules and 23 lessons. It includes powerful soft skills, easy-to-learn conversation techniques, and users also learn a lot about themselves. 

Consider this a very personal learning journey for all of your valued employees/members, who will cumulatively inject it back into bettering their professional and personal interactions. 

Click HERE to see what's included in the program portion. Remember that all support materials, 'reminder' bands, customization to company, and full management of onboarding, progress, certification, and reporting is included!

This solution is priced and designed to be mandated for all employees. The delivery strategy is NOT top-down, but as a powerful complement to current culture, D&I, and employee relations. 

Think of it as a powerful tool that is delivered equally to all firm employees for maximum benefit and contribution over time. 


Absolutely. We grant firm leaders and decision makers full program access for 14-days.

Experience the well-structured journey we've created, which inspires and empowers your people through a personalized journey. 


Without apology...100% yes.

You want it that way, because otherwise what would be a powerful practice with shared accountability and mega benefits would be just a learning course with very little follow-through.

Walking The Ridge is a practice is about betterment for people first - and to have that betterment injected back into countless phone, digital and face-to-face interactions. 

Best of all, we customize initial introduction and onboarding with companies over 200 seats initial purchase. We want to take the pressure off HR and give the very best benefit to new users.

Take a look HERE - at how we created an entree page, as part of an overall positive onboarding for the University of Houston. 

Seven ways, right off the bat:

1. There is NO software to purchase and nothing to integrate with IT. All you sent is a .CSV file of all your employees by first name, last name, and email.

2. We manage all the onboarding, progress, snapshot reporting, delivery of support materials, post program nudges for handoff, and electronic certification of completion.

3. Your purchase includes our 'reminder' wristbands or eye-catching lapel pins as visual anchors to drive accountability.

4. The program is delivered remotely and all employees get one year access and return viewing for support. 

Though only 3 hours in length, the learning portion is filled with powerful soft skills, proven dialogue techniques, and key personalized insight exercises.

5. We provide post-program transparent and anonymous survey reporting. This identifies key areas HR, D&I, and C-suite leadership may not know all levels of employees are experiencing or feeling.

6. We customize the program, onboarding, and optional post program training as needed. Our intent is to drive the mandated recommendation to get your people to finish and benefit. 

7. The pricing is ridiculously and purposely low. No law firm can balk at $12 - $15 per employee to empower and deliver all the benefits, plus an added layer of risk management.

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WALKING THE RIDGE is a powerful, remote, and benefit-rich human practice. A solution that empowers employees to contribute to strengthening trust, belonging, and inclusion across departments AND the entire organization!

No technology to buy. Zero integration needed. An easy decision.




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