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Walking The Ridge - Individual Purchase


This program allows for an individual program viewer access and carries 365 days full access. 

This individual solution has been uniquely designed to be a low-time, low-cost, and high-value addition to learning, soft skill addition, and meaningful habit improvement. 

We require the first and last name + email address of the individual, to provide secure log-in access and future communication for best results. 

The program includes our unique and eye-catching 'reminder' wristband*. This is vital to the practice of WALKING THE RIDGE, as it serves as a meaningful visual anchor that promote both personal and shared accountability. 

NOTE:  We monitor all users and use via tools and our staff. We do not allow, and strongly request that viewers do not share their seats and access with others. 

Any questions or needs? Please do not hesitate to reach us: 

[email protected]

* Wristband included and shipping free to continental U.S. All other destinations will have an additional fee. You may inquire on these fees prior to purchase, by emailing the above support email address.