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We expect 3 things:

1) A genuine level of support for wanting to see more civility and tolerance in both our places of work and our communities.

2) That you go through and review the Walking The Ridge learning program. This can be done before OR after joining. 

3) To start sharing within 2 weeks of joining. There are NO minimums on results. However, we don't expect to have to pester you to start either.  

We are here to help, love exchanging thoughts and creative ideas, and we even provide a best-practices PDF guide. 

We want to help you succeed and you share this with many others.

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5. Take some time to assemble a list of those you will share the link info to, via email, LinkedIn message, or other means. 

6. Follow white paper instructions and content examples...and START SHARING.

7. When you receive interest back, warm intro us to these individuals. We provide a content example in our partner tips white paper.

8. We will notify you when sales happen...and the 20% amount that you will be paid. 

It could be C-levels, leaders in a particular HR, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Development or Culture.

Think also of directors, managers, small company owners, or partners (ie. legal firm or VC company)

And there is NO LIMIT on the size or type of company & organization. Basically, it's anywhere there are people who interact with one another.

Here are just a few options:

  • For profit companies (public or private) in all industry segments...AND of any size.
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Churches
  • High schools, colleges
  • Sports teams
  • Social groups
  • Town, County, State, and Federal Government groups
  • Municipalities
  • Military

Think of ALL of the leaders, managers, directors, and small business owners who want this for their company benefit...and need this to optimize culture for hiring, retaining, and getting the very best from people.

We pay A ROBUST 20% on every course seat purchased.

For example, if just one of your contacts purchased a course to share with 200, 2000, or 20,000  employees, within 7 days of payment, you would receive $600, $4,800, or $48,000 respectively in your PayPal account. 

This is all because you shared a single link...and connected these people back TO US...who do the rest!


Hey...the early bird catches the worm. Particularly when this is not so much selling, as it is telling and handing back to us.

There are NO 'exclusives' for any organization, either before or after an affiliate-related sale.

We created this course to reach and teach as many people as possible. Naturally, we want to help our affiliate partners in their efforts.

All paid partners get access to a robust PDF tips guide to help in sharing. We want you to have the best results!

Walk The Ridge

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