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Welcome to a NEW solution that empowers people with more confidence, less stress, and a feeling of greater control in conversations and interactions with others.





WALKING THE RIDGE is an individual practice of human betterment. It is NOT a learning course, though learning is the first part of the solution.

It is designed to empower individuals with the ability to be more confident, less stressed, and have a greater sense of control in conversations and engagements that carry strong emotion or disagreement.

The practice is first learned through this Walking The Ridge program. Over time, users improve by utilizing our strong support materials, and the use of a 'reminder' wristband, as a visual anchor for greater accountability. 

The University of Houston has given this to you as a powerful gift for improvement, change, and ongoing personal benefit. 

Students gain a huge positive. They have the ability to grow stronger in a lifelong practice build on a powerful blend of soft skills, proven dialogue techniques, and personalized insights.  

It is also tells future employers that you recognize and have invested yourself into greater development that can contribute into organizational culture and leadership.  

Faculty and staff use Walking The Ridge as a meaningful tool in their professional and personal lives. 

Healthier communication and interactions serve to inject improvement into mental health, employee relations, student exchanges, and workplace culture. 


1. Log into your email and find two emails from an address with the word 'KAJABI' in it. 

This is VERY IMPORTANT. If they are not already in your inbox folder, you must find both emails and drag them into your inbox. This ensures delivery of future communication we will share with you. 

If you did not receive your emails, please email [email protected] 

2. The first email has tips to help with your experience. Please read it.

The second has your login link. Star this email - especially if you want to login with different devices as you go through the program.

3. When you first login, you will land in the program library. Please find the link for 'reference sheets' in your nav bar - and be sure to download all of the PDF sheets. 

These reference sheets will be extremely important to get the most out of the program. 

There are two learning programs for the employee and student practice of WALKING THE RIDGE.

The employee program (LINK) is an engaging 3-hour program including includes 5 modules and 23 lessons. It includes powerful soft skills, easy-to-learn conversation techniques, and you'll also learn a lot about yourself. 

The student program (LINK) is a 'lite', yet very strong variant of the employee program - at about 1 hour of viewing time. 

Both programs carry reference sheets that are vital to learning more about yourself, skills, techniques, tips, and key examples of the practice in action. 

Consider this a very personal learning journey. A part of seeing what positives and strengths you can and will add into your life and interactions with others. 

Click THIS LINK to see all that you will learn. And keep in mind that after completion, you can return over and over 

This employee program is about the length of a televised football game. The student version is about 40% of the length - but very powerful in benefit.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you complete one module (about 30 minutes) every 1-2 days. Best results come from putting these sessions on your calendar right away.

Please DO NOT take big gaps in between your progress, and DO NOT sit down and do the entire program in one sitting. 

The lessons and modules are meant to be done in order. You can do it on your laptop or mobile device, and the system remembers where you've paused - so you can pick up accordingly.

As you are already enrolled, your status of starting, progress, and completion will be reported back to UH leadership. 

OK, here's 5 benefits to start...

1. Improvement in the quality of everyday conversations and engagements. This happens face-to-face, over phone calls, and through emails & texts.

2. To more effectively work through differences of views with others. A genuine ability to reduce stress and increase respect for others and their views. 

3. Improved trust and belonging within employee & personal relationships.

4. Growth of an individual's specific intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as strategic dialogue techniques.

5. Using this healthier practice to build better habits and control of our emotions and actions. Also, to inspire others to see, feel, and emulate the difference!

The practice of Walking the Ridge requires both personal and shared accountability. The purpose of the 'reminder' band is to be used as a visual anchor to recognize missteps, learning opportunities, and to strengthen results over the long term. 

The awareness and accountability, which is known by the band is critical to stopping potentially bad behavior and actions at the moment they happen. Cumulatively within work and campus culture, it creates countless opportunities each day for building bridges and trust, rather than walls and anger.

Walk The Ridge reminder bands are held by Margaret Kidd - and you may reach out to her for means to get one for use. 

Wear it or keep it nearby. The reminder band is essential for your practice and best results!

No one expects that you'll finish the program and be an expert at the practice of Walking The Ridge.  

But you are absolutely expected to go through ALL the reference sheets that accompany the program. They are VITAL to getting the best results and most benefit from this practice.

The practice contains a system that helps blend the skills, tactics, techniques and personal improvement measures you'll learn through the 5-module program.

Many people initially want to concentrate on 2-3 lesson areas. To 'practice' them, often with others who are not aware, in workplace and personal interactions.

Maybe that's better listening, 'preparing the ground', using the IMAGO techniques - you will find what you resonates well for you.

The point is that each individual, whether student, faculty, or staff member has a guideline for improvement that they can use and benefit from for the rest of their lives. 

email: [email protected]


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