Welcome to THIS powerful 2-hour learning journey that will help your future conversations, outcomes, and relationships.

Get ready to change your mindset, skillset, and life!  

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Let's take a look at incivility. It's impact is felt in:

Workplace Interactions

Differences of Opinions

How We Listen & Respect

Our Online Exchanges

A few words from course creator and host - Steve Ambrose


THIS Course & System:

✔   Teaches a unique human practice that blends greater self-awareness,  powerful skills, insights about yourself, with effective dialogue techniques. 

✔   Reduces stress, increases confidence, and improves mindfulness within emotional exchanges and differences of opinion.

✔   Let's you slowly add-in and grow healthy habits of engaging with others. 

✔   Can be used at work, home, and when in online environments.

✔   Is meant to be shared and help others!

So what's in THIS course?

A learning journey of 5 modules, 23 lessons, quizzes, and powerful support materials...

Life-changing learning in just over 2 HOURS!


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Because changing the way we interact helps us improve our confidence, reduces stress, and helps inspire others.

We should recognize that communicating, especially in times of difference and emotion, can help shape the quality of our relationships - as well as how our future unfolds. 

And this program is an incredible blend of short duration, high learning value, and low cost.

OK, here's five to start...but there are certainly more. These happen at an individual and/or organizational level:

1. Improvement in the quality of everyday conversations and engagements. This happens face-to-face, over phone calls, and through emails & texts.

2. To more effectively work through differences of views with others. A genuine ability to reduce stress and increase respect for others and their views. 

3. Improved trust and belonging within employee & personal relationships.

4. Growth of an individual's specific intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as strategic dialogue techniques.

5. Using this healthier practice of engagement both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the office. This is important, as toxic behavior and stress are often transferred from one place to the other.

Walking the Ridge IS designed to teach, inspire, and empower the masses. Our taught skills, technique, and tips work tremendous well when added to existing HR and culture efforts in companies, schools, and organizations of all types and sizes.

Our group program and it's specifics can be found ON THIS PROGRAM PAGE - which you can copy and share with others. 

You can also share our email for any questions they may have:

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You are just ONE click and $16.95* away from making one of the smartest decisions.

You will learn amazing skills, techniques, and insights, resulting in healthier conversation, relationships, and greater confidence.

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You ALSO Receive:

Powerful Reference Materials

An impressive array of techniques, exercises, and real-world examples that are attached to many of the course lessons.

A follow-through tool for accountability

Every course viewer also receives a Walk the Ridge wristband. An eye-catching personal 'reminder' that helps keep us on practice.

Great discounts on Walk The Ridge Gear

Many 'WEAR & SHARE' their walk. Our store has all types of eye-catching items to have people notice...and help inspire change.

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