INCIVILITY costs companies...

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Shaming, blaming, and a lack of civility in workplace culture. It's not only pervasive, but studies and statistics across industries shows conclusively such behavior and actions impact employee engagement, job performance, retention, commitment to companies, and customer service. 

INCIVILITY is a toxic behavioral epidemic that continues to insidiously drag down belonging, trust, contribution, and genuine inclusion. It lives and thrives in the hidden gaps where managers and leaders cannot always be - and its recipients often remain silent. We also offer options to integrate in current LMS platforms, if desired.

That changes now.

WALKING THE RIDGE is a revolutionary, fully-managed solution that targets, empowers employee-driven change, and widely reduces incivility across entire organizations. There is NO software to purchase and zero integration needed, as we managed the entire end-to-end experience and benefit - for client organizations from 100 to 100,000 employees. 

This solution is an incredibly smart investment. YOUR people will thank you.
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This solution is a 3-Part System

Smartly designed for empowering people, uncovering insights, and bringing true change.
Our powerful development program. Purposely delivered to ALL employees

A personalized journey for employees at all organizational levels. Includes critical techniques, key insights, valuable tips, and exercises that drive real improvement.

See ALL that's included!
Employee user progress & perception reporting that is critical to future needs

Apart from all the benefits coming from mass-empowering your people, HR, culture, and D&I leaders receive felt-insights that help lead change.

Check out the reporting
Widescale implementation of diffused learning, awareness, and accountability

A big part of our solution is what your people do AFTER the program ends. We utilize a powerful blend of anchoring, awareness, diffusion learning, and shared accountability.

Ask us about how this plays into hiring, retention, culture, and risk management.

Leaders speaking truth. 

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Earl Major
Head of HR, Delta Dental of Michigan

"Walking The Ridge is a great development program for organizations seeking to build or make improvements to their current culture.

I would encourage any organization desiring to be better to consider utilizing this great program!"

Brad Holliday
Director of HR, HHM Facility Management

"In my more than 30 years in HR, nothing much surprises me...but THIS DID! 

In these highly toxic times, you've hit the mark. BRAVO! You have MY highest recommendation!"

Dietrich Von Biedenfeld
Mayor of the City of
West Columbia, TX

"Our city was in need of education beyond superficial reputational rehabilitation. Walk the Ridge provided engaging training in a format that our elected officials could intuitively navigate."

Our pricing reflects our purpose

This is NOT a leadership program or a learning course. It is a full system and solution meant to be distributed to ALL employees for maximum benefit and ongoing change. 

Select level of need, then complete a short form - we will contact to finalize order. Pricing until May 1st.

Every client & their registered users ALSO receive:



20+ downloadable PDF reference sheets that complement the development program. Includes techniques, exercises, and real-use examples.



Every employee user receives our eye-catching 'reminder' wristband or 1" enamel pin. A critical wearable for driving awareness & accountability.



NO software to buy and ZERO integration needed. We handle onboarding, progress reports, certification, and transferring development into real culture contribution.



Every company receives a branded program for 1 full year of unlimited use. We also have the ability to integrate into LMS systems, if desired. 

Your purchase ALSO INCLUDES!

Employee Insight Reports

One of the most important aspects of driving down incivility and strengthening culture is transparency. In addition to the regular progress reports we deliver to clients, we include perception reporting.

100% of your employee users willingly complete this at their end of their development program. Critical information relating to company culture, belonging, leader/manager/peer interactions, etc.

For purchases over 500 seats, clients can add their own customized questions. Click the image to open up and interact in a separate, secure window.

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