WALKING THE RIDGE is a solution with 3 parts

The FIRST is our powerful employee development program. Scroll down to learn more!


Our online employee development program is a FOUNDATIONAL explosion!


Whether you're a law office of 100, a bank of 2,500, or a health system of 50,000 valued employees, your WALKING THE RIDGE solution starts with a cutting-edge online program that we mass-deliver to employees at ALL organization levels.

This program is the first of three components in our solution - and requires NO software to buy. Every single employee, at every organizational level has a personalized journey for empowering themselves and others.

The 5-module content takes 3 hours to complete. Our system lets users pace themselves to engage and grow on laptop, mobile, or tablet. We teach foundational components including mindset, easy-to-implement techniques, powerful skills, valuable tips, and targeted exercises. It all culminates in a complete system that empowers less stress, greater confidence, and more feeling of control when engaging with others.

Scroll down to view some of the broad overview videos for each module. We invite all managers and leaders to request a FREE & FULL review HERE. You will have the opportunity to go through the entire program, at your own privacy and pace, to see how we structure this journey for your people, culture, and organizational improvement. 

You have the flexibility to outsource the entire management to us OR integrate within your LMS platform and content.




In the first module, you will come to better understand and appreciate both YOUR journey and the impact that incivility has on culture, engagement, and results. You’ll develop a better understanding about the mission of Walk The Ridge. 

Some highlights:

  • The 3 pillars that support the practice of Walking the Ridge.
  • Eye-opening statistics and common misunderstandings.
  • 'Banding together' for growth support and genuine accountability


This module begins with a focus on YOU. Because individuals that genuinely improve their behaviors, actions, and habits serve as an excellent catalyst for positively impacting both work relationships and a genuinely healthier company culture.

Some highlights:

  • Understanding and refining our personal core values
  • The critical interplay between outcomes, processes, and identity
  • Building emotional literacy to help both ourselves and others


This module helps to form a vital portion of your Walking the Ridge practice. The vital skills you use when both interacting with others, and communicating with ourselves.

Some highlights:

  • A deep dive into empathy - including time-tested techniques
  • Powerful tips and insights to improve listening
  • Recognizing gestures, body language, facial expression, and many other important non-verbal communication cues


In this module, you’ll learn truly amazing and highly-effective techniques of dialogue that you can put to use with the skills and self-awareness components already covered.

Some highlights

  • The IMAGO® dialogue. This is a dynamic tool developed by experts who’ve been on Oprah 17 times!  
  • A powerful framework for communication called Conversational Intelligence®
  • The Principle of Charity...and no, it’s not what you think it is.


This is the module where we bring it all together: purpose, self, skills, and techniques. We unveil our unique and easy-to-remember W.A.L.K. system that you'll grow from and incrementally improve through over time and engagements.

Some highlights:

  • The facets and meaning behind the trusted acronym you'll put to use
  • Examples of application within common challenges and scenarios
  • Final thoughts and takeaways. A terrific lesson to pull in all you've learned and to gain broader perspective.

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