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Welcome to THIS powerful 2-hour learning journey that will help your future conversations, outcomes, and relationships.

Get ready to have more confidence, control and less stress in your life!  

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A few words from course creator and host - Steve Ambrose


Today's LOSS of tolerance and civility impacts:

Differences of Opinions

How We Listen & Respect

Workplace Interactions

Our Online Exchanges


This powerful program...

   Teaches a unique human practice that empowers greater self-awareness, mindfulness, soft skills, insights, and effective dialogue techniques. 

   Reduces stress, increases confidence, and improves your emotional control within subjects that evoke strong opinions and disagreement.

   Let's you add-in select improvement at your own pace and time.  

   Can be used at work, home, in the community, and when online.

   Builds healthier communication and relationships.

An Amazing Program

It's a personal journey including 5 modules, 23 lessons, and powerful support materials...

Improve YOUR life and relationships with home, work, and online!


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Because changing the way we interact and communicate, especially during our differences, improves our confidence, reduces stress, and helps inspire others.

This course empowers you with powerful skills, key insights, and ready-to-use examples. You will have tools that you can use and strengthen at home, work, in the community, and when online.

The program is a personalized learning and growth journey of 2.5 hours. It encompasses 23 bite-sized video lessons over 5 modules with quizzes between the modules for verifying your understanding.

Many of the lessons have vital and related reference sheets that help in learning the taught material. 

Once you access the program, you have 90-days to complete it. Once completed, you may always revisit ANY of the lessons for re-review...and the reference sheets are yours for life!

The paid course includes our 'reminder' wristband...the gifted course does not. However, we are extended a coupon for all MB residents to purchase these eye-catching bands ON THIS LINK - and use code MB2020 to get 15% off any size order.

Note: The bands can help keep people more accountable to themselves and others in this healthy practice of 'Walking the Ridge'. You get the program and all benefits for free, whether or not you purchase our 'reminder' bands

OK, here's five to start...

1. Improvement in the quality of everyday conversations and engagements. This happens face-to-face, over phone calls, and through emails & texts.

2. To more effectively work through differences of views with others. A genuine ability to reduce stress and increase respect for others and their views. 

3. Improved trust and belonging within employee & personal relationships.

4. Growth of an individual's specific intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, as well as strategic dialogue techniques.

5. Using this healthier practice to build better habits and control of our emotions and actions. Also, to inspire others to see, feel, and emulate the difference!

The 'Walking the Ridge' course is priced and purchased by individuals at $19.95 per person. 

However, it IS 100% FREE for all Manhattan Beach residents who access the course before the expiration date on the top of this page.

The program developers live in Manhattan Beach and wish to gift it to help inspire, empower, and spread more civility, tolerance and kindness. Moreover, to give people REAL TOOLS to make real change for themselves and others.

YES!  We developed Walking the Ridge as a powerful learning and development system that is meant to helps individuals and be spread to and through others. 

Our program version, specific for companies of all types and sizes is found here.

We do allow decision makers and leaders to also go through and review the program for free. They can request FREE ACCESS for review by visiting this request page.

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The WALKING THE RIDGE program is 100% FREE for current Manhattan Beach residents who request access before the expiration date on the top of this page*.

You will learn amazing skills, techniques, and insights.

* Individual use only. Price is $19.95 per viewer after expiration.

Still "thinking about it”?

Here's a sample lesson from the course you can watch NOW!


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