✔   A complete system AND human practice that enhances employee relations, development, inclusion, shared respect, and organizational culture.

  Fully managed, completely customized, and scales from 100 to 100,000 users.

✔   1-year of secure, remote access + unlimited return access.     

✔   Remotely delivered for a personalized employee experience. Laptop, tablet, and mobile-friendly.

✔   The 5-module, 23-lesson personalized program includes quizzes and course completion certificate. Status reports sent to management or leadership.

✔   Advanced perception reporting is 100% mandatory & delivers hidden employee perceptions on culture, leadership, and work environment.

✔   Downloadable PDF support materials complements lessons for best results. May be used for post-program HR/Culture/D&I training.  

✔   All viewers receive our visual anchor tool - the 'reminder' wristband or 1" enamel lapel pin for driving vulnerability in awareness and accountability.

✔   Priced at $11.95 per employee/org. member (and lower pricing at enterprise levels)

✔   Customized employee intro page with video and FAQ for best first introduction and reduced work on staff. (sample here

✔   Post-program consulting and training available.

Benefits for Employees

✔   Empowers confidence, reduces stress, and improving workplace trust & belonging

✔   Improves work-life balance  

✔   Strengthens mindfulness, interpersonal & intrapersonal soft skills, powerful dialogue techniques, and better understanding of oneself

✔   A plethora of easy to understand and freely downloadable support materials to help with examples, tips, exercises, and transferring learning to action

✔   It's carries shared expectations of behavior, awareness, accountability, and diffused learning through wide-use and visual anchoring. 

✔   Helps employees bridges gaps to strengthen trust, shared respect, belonging, and more contribution.

Benefits for Organizations

✔   A scalable and fully managed solution for widely enhancing employee relations, engagement, and workplace culture. 

✔   NO software to purchase. Zero integration needed. 

✔   Secure platform. We require and carry the smallest amount of employee data.

✔   Fully managed reports on registration, progress, and report certification for learning, legal, and management.

✔   Eye-opening advanced reporting on hidden employee perceptions and feelings around culture, inclusion, belonging, organizational culture, and leadership.  

✔   Strengthens risk management against future events and claims involving bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

✔   Improves external messaging and positioning for improving talent pools, culture fit, hiring, and retention.

✔   Program can be relayed externally as a part of talent acquisition, hiring, and retention efforts. 

✔   Healthier employee communication and behavior improves results with diversity and customer engagement.

A Human Practice Bound By Trusted Skills, Tips, and Techniques

✔   Inside-out & bottom-up strategy for empowered employee change

✔   Habit-building through anchoring and accountability

✔   Identifying false and real personal core values

✔   Actionable self-awareness

✔   Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (ABC)

✔   Structured empathy

✔   Active Listening

✔   Strategic mindfulness

✔   Emotion de-escalation


Empowering people to be better.


WALKING THE RIDGE is a powerful, remote, and benefit-rich human practice. A solution that empowers employees to contribute to strengthening trust, belonging, and inclusion across departments AND the entire organization!

No technology to buy. Zero integration needed. An easy decision.



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