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Welcome to a fresh, remotely-shared solution that genuinely empowers meaningful and sustainable change for student relations and inclusion. Plus, you can capture honest insight from your enrolled base.


This 1-Hour Solution:

✔   Empowers and inspires students with a foundation to engage in healthier, more respectful exchanges.

✔   Delivers actionable feedback data on faculty behavior and campus culture perception from nearly ALL of your student base! 

✔   Reduces stress, increases confidence, and improves personal interaction within emotional exchanges and differences of opinion.

✔   Is supported by downloadable tips, examples, and exercises.

✔   Strengthens university risk management and is proactive in mitigating future events and claims involving bullying, harassment, and discrimination.

✔   Easily integrates into current higher ed culture, D&I, and student affairs initiatives.


When this soft skill is missing, its impact on college campuses shows up in:

Issues of Diversity, Trust, and Inclusion

Student-to-Teacher Confrontations

Toxic Texts & Digital Communication

Anger and high levels of emotion


Help empower YOUR students through 10 bite-sized video lessons, quizzes, and powerful support materials...



1. Remotely learn and empower themselves with key insights, soft skills, and dialogue techniques for strengthening their interpersonal communication. A positive for both campus life and future employers.

2. Become more confident, less stressed, and feel more in control when having disagreements and differences of opinions with others.

3. Receive PDF reference sheets that gives tip, means for greater growth, and easy-to-use instruction.

4. Finish this program in less than one hour...and they can revisit and re-learn at any time over the year.

5. Spread greater shared kindness, trust and inclusion in conversations, engagements, and relationships. This is done by the program being an obligation, the use of wristbands as visual anchors, and the message of shared accountability for students - of themselves and with others. 

6. Have the flexibility to retain, change, compromise in, and grow their present and future views, values, and beliefs.

7. Have access to a Walk The Ridge reminder band, to use as a visual anchor in a post-program practice. This provides both personal and public accountability.

Institutions benefit with this program by:

1. Gaining critical and honest insight from nearly 100% of STUDENTS on perceptions of campus culture, plus actionable insight on faculty strengths and weaknesses in personal interactions. 

2. Providing empowerment to all students, which will provide genuine tools to use while on campus, with future employers, and in their personal relationships.

3. Broadening risk management, in light of increased complaints, media coverage, and lawsuits around toxic behavior of students - both with one another and when engaging with the community.

4. Offer faculty and staff our organization-level program to improve their interpersonal skills and strengths in healthier engagement.

5. Catalyzing greater mutual respect, listening, learning, diversity of thought, inclusion, trust, and belonging.

We suggest that schools make this 1-hour program MANDATORY to remotely share and complete for all undergraduate students.

This provides 3 benefits:

1)  All students receive the same content and empowerment. Plus they get full access to revisit for one year. 

2) The school administration receives the maximum number of students providing mandatory feedback in survey reports.

3) Tying civil discourse and healthier engagement techniques and skills with current school core values acts as a layer of claim-based risk management.

Please reach out to [email protected] to get in touch with our team to learn more. 

NO. We have an entirely separate program for faculty and staff, which you can access and learn about here

The student program is 12 lessons and about 55 minutes length. The corporate program is 23 lessons and 2.5-hours in length - and also remote-based. 

We recommend it for universities and colleges that want to teach and empower all staff and faculty.

Absolutely. We enjoy speaking to all types of audiences, both live and remote. Training, consulting, and advising are also services we provide, for more customized changes and improvement.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] to inquire.


The process is fast, easy, and gives you time to review and get all of your questions answered. THIS remote learning program provides many benefits for students and learning institutions.

There is NO software to purchase, we do all the student onboarding, progress & insight reporting. 



Purchasers ALSO Receive:

Powerful Reference Materials

PDFs that include techniques, exercises, and real-world examples that are attached to many of the course lessons.

A Wearable 'Tool' for Accountability

Every student viewer is allotted a Walk the Ridge wristband. An eye-catching personal 'reminder' and visual anchor.

Key Reports and Useful Survey Data

School administration receives 'snapshot' reports on all student progress + valuable insight from 100% of viewers!

Customized School Branding

Every institution receives its own program for 365 days with branding on course. Users and data segmented for security.

Still "thinking about it”

Request FREE ACCESS to review the full program!

WE ALSO independently consult, advise, and give edge-of-seat talks. Reach out on your needs.


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